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Howard County COAD posts information on Disaster Preparedness including tips and links to information to help individuals, families, and organizations prepare for the unexpected. We also post information on member organization events that support the community and our purpose. please visit the COAD Facebook page.

COAD member organizations occasionally support or host mobile free food pantries. For dates and locations, please visit the COAD Facebook page.



If you’re looking for a safe way to get outside and help improve the local environment, contact Howard EcoWorks, a COAD member.  Volunteer to do clean up, watershed management and innovative nature research projects.  Young adults can find summer jobs in the Restoring the Environment and Developing Youth program.  For more information, go to

Help clear, plant and tend a community garden at the Community Ecology Institute’s 6.4-acre Freetown Farm.  Adults and families are invited to participate while social distancing, and interested volunteers can receive chemical-free vegetables from the garden once crops come in.    The farm is located at 8000 Harriet Tubman Lane in Columbia.  To participate, contact Willie Flowers at


Educational Webinars, Meetings and Links

Educational opportunities part of COAD and its members including: -Howard County COAD Facebook (Link here), -Chinese American Parent Association, OEM Facebook page, -Join COAD to hear our monthly speakers.

  • Food Distribution: Supported numerous organizations via collection, packing, distribution, traffic management and promotion as they supplied food for thousands of meals.
  • Mask/PPE Project: Worked with numerous organizations and individuals to acquire funds and supplies in order to distribute products including 15,461 homemade masks, 68,195 manufactured masks, shields, hand sanitizer, and mask lanyards with a focus on underserved and low-income populations.
  • Student Support: Educational Seminars including entertainment, craft, and mental health support. Opportunities for student volunteer hours required for graduation.
  • Vaccine Site Support: Assist in parking management, vaccine site information, other.

Past projects during the COVID 19 Pandemic

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